The Site

To protect Shoreham and the local area against flooding, the scheme is designed to significantly improve defences along the banks of the River Adur. The design has been split up into 10 ‘reaches’, or sections and work commenced onsite in September 2016. The discharge of planning conditions will be undertaken prior to work commencing on each Reach.

The project is being led by Environment Agency, in collaboration with partner organisations such as Adur District Council, Coast to Capital and West Sussex County Council.

Development Summary

  • Improvement to tidal defences consisting of 10 reaches in Shoreham
  • 7 locations will be upgraded on the western bank of the River Adur
  • 3 locations will be upgraded on the eastern bank of the River Adur

Current status

  • Contractors have been appointed and phasing has been agreed. Work has begun onsite with the scheme due for completion at the end of 2018.
  • A more definitive finish date will be provided as the scheme continues and detailed progress can viewed on the Tidal Walls website.
  • Local Growth Fund allocation has been secured from Coast to Capital to assist in developing this site.


  • In the heart of the district, this development dissects Shoreham-By-Sea as upgrades will be undertaken on the east and west banks. For both sides these defence upgrades will bring further confidence in development opportunities for land alongside the River Adur (for example at Brighton City Airport).

Adur Tidal Walls One

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