Work is well underway on the demolition of Teville Gate with preparation works taking place and foundations being made safe for the demolition of the multi-storey car park and other derelict buildings. Workers are also currently removing all remaining asbestos materials from buildings and installing a ‘crash deck’ to protect an electrical substation within the car park. The next step, as early as next week, will see scaffolding start to be erected around the car park to protect the public, and minimise dust pollution, as the delicate process of dismantling begins. Once strip-out works have completed, demolition of the single storey buildings and Burfree House opposite the car park will start, with the eventual demolition of the car park to begin in early May. Completion of the project is due by Autumn of this year. The dates are subject to disconnection of services by utility companies.

A spokesman for Worthing Borough Council said:

“It might not seem like it at the moment to people walking or driving by, but the contractors are working hard to prepare for the actual demolition. In certain areas we can’t just walk in and start swinging hammers even if we’d like to!”

To save taxpayers money in the long run, the local authority stepped in to fund the demolition of the outdated and expensive-to-maintain 1960s car park which it leases on the land. Earlier this month a a 47 ton 360° excavator marked the beginning of the process by tearing off the roof of the former Bed King mattress kiosk.

PR18-051 - The excavator began the demolition by tearing off the roof of the former Bed King mattress kiosk

Teville Gate was purchased in June 2015 by Mosaic Global Investments Ltd, an investment company, keen to develop the site. To see their latest plans, visit the Station Square website. The plans do not include Teville Gate House which remains in the ownership of Hanson Developments. Full details of the proposal to demolish the multi-storey car park can be found here.